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Navigating the USCIS website!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Received from USCIS email marketing on 7/21/2020

In 2020, USCIS launched an updated website, which was designed with input from applicants, petitioners, and the public. In addition to a new look and feel, they have improved the website to help visitors better navigate their existing online tools and resources, as well as to file and manage applications and petitions online.

They are also making information about the processes easier to find by streamlining our navigation based on user feedback, data, and best practices. The updates will be uniform across all USCIS websites, including,, myUSCIS, and Case Status Online.

The new website features include:

  • A new user-centered design, which allows visitors to easily find immigration information and options on any device;

  • A link to the USCIS online account sign-in at the top of all pages on, which allows visitors to easily access their existing account or create a new one. This also creates a streamlined experience between the USCIS online account and the website;

  • Increased access to and availability of Spanish and multilingual resources through enhancements made to the Spanish website (, and the Multilingual Resource Center;

  • An Explore My Options feature to the forms section of the website. This tool allows visitors to determine their potential eligibility for immigration options by answering a few questions. The Explore My Options tool will also include additional content in English, and, for the first time, it will be available in Spanish.

  • A new design, location, and complete revision of the Citizenship Resource Center (CRC). The new CRC makes it easier to find information about citizenship; and

  • An enhanced on-page search and filter-by features, which allow web visitors to easily find agency data, reports, and policies.

Visitors are encouraged to use online tools and resources, including Emma, Case Status Online, Check Case Processing Times, Change of Address, Explore My Options, and the Fee Calculator for information and status updates. USCIS also highly recommend applicants and petitioners use online filing for eligible forms through their USCIS online account.


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