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Legal Audio Transcription

Deep commitment to accuracy and confidenciality

Audio Transcription is the conversion of the spoken language in a sound recording into the format of a written text. To perform an excellent service, professionals invest in equipment that provides them with the best sound quality, precise control over the reproduction of recorded audio, and speed in transcription.

Audio transcription for legal purposes

Also called de-recording. It encompasses all the transcripts that will be used for legal, procedural, judicial purposes, preparation of notary minutes, typically videos of hearings, interrogation, testimony, wiretapping, WhatsApp audios.

This modality, due to procedural necessity, needs to contain everything precisely as it is said in the recording, without any correction - this is called "ipsis litteris" or "ipsis verbis." It will contain all the interruptions between the interlocutors, language vices, stutters, wrong words, repetitions, absolutely everything that was said in the recording. The focus here is on how it was said and converting it to text.

Legal transcription is an extremely demanding job when it comes to professional or personal matters or documents and their legalization. It must be executed perfectly, precisely, and normally under the pressure of deadlines. Legal transcription is a very sensitive and specialized area. A single wrong term can have serious consequences, given the possibility of changing the entire meaning of the text.

Have your legal recordings transcribed into legal documents from English to Portuguese, or vice versa. As being an experienced Portuguese-speaking lawyer in Orlando, I can offer you the best legal translation and transcription services of recordings from the following situations:

  • Hearings

  • Depositions

  • Board meetings

  • Interviews

  • Interrogations

  • Sworn statements

  • Legal examinations

  • Mediation Briefs

  • Meetings

  • Telephone conversations

  • Testimonies

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