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20 years of experience in Intellectual Property

Patent translation is the process of translating a patent application into another language so that an international audience can access the information about the invention. It is especially important in the modern global landscape where businesses increasingly compete on the worldwide stage. Success in this realm comes from innovation, which is why patent protection for these innovations is so essential.

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When translating patents, the translator must keep in mind the specific terms and terminology used in the field. Along with the typical technical and legal precision required, a key element to producing a high-quality patent translation is comprehending the nature of the invention.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property and Patent Translation, I am a specialized professional whom you can rely on for an accurately translated patent application. As a skilled Portuguese Translator, I use my experience and knowledge of both English and Portuguese to provide a reliable translation of your PCT document from English into Brazilian Portuguese.

The cost of a poorly translated patent application is much more than the price of a professional translation. By hiring SCG Law & Language as your patent translator for English into Portuguese, you are able to get a precise and effective professional patent application at a competitive price. Contact me to get a quote for your project!

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