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"Translation is not a matter of words only; it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture".
                                                                            Anthony Burgess

Consecutive Interpreting

English <-> Portuguese BR


It is one of the modes of interpretation (translation) that divides a person's dialogue into parts of several seconds or minutes and is then translated consecutively. It is considered as a primary interpretation technique. While the person is speaking, the interpreter takes notes and, after a specific time, communicates the translation.


For this reason, this translation mode takes approximately twice the time of simultaneous translation and does not allow for natural fluency in a presentation.


On the other hand, it has higher precision compared to simultaneous translation. Also, it does not require special equipment for the audience and can be carried out remotely, through a conference call with the interpreter and other participants.

As a Portuguese Consecutive Interpreter in Orlando and surrounding areas, I can help you with the following situations:

Price per hour: $50

INTERPRETING -> From the Latin "interpretare" = understand, explain, translate. It is an oral translation. Interpreting seeks to provide people of different tongues with the opportunity to participate, without any linguistic barriers, in debates and conferences, through the assistance of specialized, trained professionals, with knowledge in the respective field.


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