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A Pandemic-Proof Technology

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc around the world. Along with the loss of so many people to the virus, the impact of the shutdowns of factories and schools impacted everyone. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into months of school closures, high unemployment, and a lack of production. Almost three years after it began, we are still dealing with supply chain shortages and inflationary price increases caused by governments printing money to fight the pandemic.

Zoom meeting, video call, WFH, work from home
Work from home video call, photo by Chris Montgomery @ Unsplash

The silver lining in this cloud is that technology rapidly expanded to accommodate a remote workforce and online education. Working from home and virtual schooling became the “new normal.” Considering this growing technology, governments shifted as many online services as possible. Some initiatives towards online services that began before the pandemic were promoted as a safer way to do business. One of those initiatives in Florida is Remote Online Notarization.

Remote Online Notarization

documents notarized online
Remote Online Notarization by SCG Law & Language

Not all Notaries Public are commissioned as Remote Online Notary or RON. This requires a separate certification and training. All remote online notarizations are completed using secure online platforms and video calls so that everything that a Notary Public would do in person to notarize a document can be done online. Through the video, visual confirmation matching the photo id is confirmed. Several security questions, known as Knowledge-Based Authentication or KBA, verify that the ID matches the person’s personal history. These KBAs require at least five years of credit history in the United States.

Your Remote Online Notary in Florida

Sonia Cunha-Goldner of SCG Law & Language is an experienced Remote Online Notary.

Almost all documents can be notarized online. To find out if your document qualifies, go to our website to get a quote and upload your document. If qualified, you can book an appointment today with Sonia Cunha-Goldner.


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