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Parental Authorization for a Child to Travel

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Summer is here! Many working parents use their child's summer vacation as a time to reconnect with family members who live far away in another country. Sometimes only one of the parents will be accompanying the child on their travels, or the child must travel with a family member. When your minor child is traveling without their parent or legal guardian, it is important to have the proper authorization in place to ensure a smooth and safe trip.

This blog post will discuss the importance of authorization for minors traveling, who can provide authorization, and what information should be included in the authorization document.

What is the importance of Authorization for a Child to travel?

mother holding baby inside a plane.

Authorization for a child to travel is essential for several reasons.

  • First, it ensures that the person traveling with the minor has legal permission to do so.

  • Second, it provides important information about the minor's travel plans, such as their destination, dates of travel, and any special needs or accommodations they may require.

Like a limited power of attorney, this authorization to travel provides the details and limits regarding that travel. Finally, authorization can help prevent any potential issues or conflicts that may arise during the trip.

Who Can Provide Authorization for a Child to Travel?

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Typically, both parents are responsible for authorizing a child to travel.

  • The name of the minor and the adult(s) who will be traveling with them;

  • The relationship between the child and the adult(s);

  • The destination(s) of the trip, including any layovers or stops along the way;

  • The dates of travel, including departure and return dates;

  • Any special needs or accommodations the minor may require, such as medication or special dietary needs;

  • Contact information for the parent or legal guardian, including phone number and email address;

  • Contact information for the adult(s) traveling with the minor, including phone number and email address;

  • A statement indicates that the parent or legal guardian permits the child to travel with the named adult(s).

It is important that the authorization document is signed and dated by the parents or legal guardian, and that it includes any necessary witness signatures or notarization provided by a Notary Public.


When a minor travels without parents or legal guardians, it is important to have the proper authorization in place to avoid difficulties at the airport terminal. The authorization document should include key information about the minor's travel plans and be signed and dated by the parent or legal guardian. By taking the time to prepare this document, you can help ensure that your child's travel experience is a positive one.

SCG Law and Language can help you with Authorization for Minor to Travel, and other documents.

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