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A Great Translation is Worth Every Dollar Spent.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

There are very few situations where D-I-Y translations done using a translation software or app will give satisfactory results. Most translations have tremendous value because of the doors that an excellent translation can open. In fact, the value of an accurate translation is demonstrated by the willingness of the foreign court, patent office or immigrations officials to accept the source document on the basis of the professional translation.

Going with a pro is the way to go!

A professional translation will localize your marketing campaign and communicate for you in the language of your new customers. It will make sure that the legal terms are correctly translated to protect you and your assets across borders. That guarantee of accuracy isn't just a piece of paper; it is peace of mind.

Still not convinced? Consider the cost of a bad translation. What would happen if the translation fails? Would there be extra legal costs to redo the legal process to submit more accurate documents? Would the delays in processing bring more costs that could have been prevented?

Remember, the cost of a poor translation is always more than the price of a professional translator.

Sonia Cunha-Goldner has over 20 years of experience in the area of translation. You can get to know more about my translation services clicking here, or get a quote for your project!


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