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How translating your LinkedIn profile to another language can leverage your career

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

When thinking of creating your LinkedIn profile in another language, it is very important to choose a professional translator to perform it.

LinkedIn is a social network present in 200 countries and with more than 530 million users worldwide (among those, 45 million are located in Brazil). Currently, it is considered the main tool for professional relationships, as it allows the individual to connect with other people and companies, and the profile is the user's professional curriculum.

Some companies and positions require the professional to have an advanced or fluent level of the relevant language, and the recruiters for these positions will seek to find this information about you from the moment they find your resume. With a bilingual curriculum, in addition to standing out in the job market for having mastery of the language, you will also attract the recruiter's attention.

However, we have to be careful not to fall into the trap of translating our profile with the help of automatic translators. Automatic translators often overlook common, concordant errors and use unusual terms. Just as the original language version of your resume must have a grammatically correct and coherent wording, the second language version must also contain no errors. If you were the recruiter responsible for selecting candidates for an interview, would you select one whose information on the LinkedIn profile or resume was grammatically incorrect or had concordance mistakes?

My advice: 👉 Have your profile translated by a professional translator with native or fluent knowledge in your target language so that you will stand out positively - especially if you want to reach the international market.


How to be found on LinkedIn
To search for professionals on LinkedIn, companies search for profiles by keywords that are relevant to their business (similar to the searches we perform on Google when we want to find a product/service).
Thus, in addition to translating, we recommend you to include in your LinkedIn profile the vocabulary specific to your area of expertise, increasing your chances to be found.
Want help with translating or proofreading your LinkedIn profile?
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