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Looking for a new job? Stand out!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Here are a few tips to help you STAND OUT and get noticed.

This might be a hard time to be looking for a job. It’s never easy, but now you have a lot of competition.

You have to STAND OUT! But How?

News Flash 1 - Your previous JOB TITLES will not help you          STAND OUT!
 News Flash 2 - Your fancy-schmancy college degree won’t help you  STAND OUT! 
News Flash 3 - Your years of performance excellence won’t help you STAND OUT!

Choosing the right WORDS to describe yourself and what you do best will help you STAND OUT!

You must communicate a message in your resume and applications with language that says, “You need to interview me before someone else does!” Your words must communicate your ability to get work done with excellence, to stand out from the average employee. Your words must show that you can bring more to the job than the job title suggests. For example, a job title like Legal Assistant on your resume won’t help you STAND OUT, but if you were the example of excellence in your service to the clients/customers, brag about it. Call yourself a Client-Focused Legal Assistant and mention how your work in the law office made a difference to your clients and the lawyers.

Bring all of this personal marketing to your interview. You will want to have several stories ready to tell about how, as a legal assistant, you provided excellence in communication and service. This will translate to the hiring manager that you are prepared to make a difference. Tell your stories with confidence, select stories that fit in the conversation you are having about the position. Choose stories that will bring out the passion you have in your work. Stories about filing cases correctly won’t bring out the passion in you or interest from the manager. Tell your story in a way where they can see and feel how your skills and knowledge made a difference.

Be sure to add details to your stories that will add value and help you STAND OUT! If in your job as a Legal Assistant, you become a notary public, be sure to include in a story the fact that you were a notary and how it made a difference. Practice your storytelling to a friend. Your goal is to get the hiring manager to experience the situation enough to think, “that’s exactly how I would have handled that” or better yet, “I never would have thought of THAT!”

In order to STAND OUT, you have to be yourself.
But don’t just be yourself, be the best you can be!!

I would love to hear your success stories and comments in the comment section below.

SCG Law and Language, based in Central Florida, is dedicated to Excellence in Legal Communication. SCG Law and Language is the business name for the Legal Communication and Linguistic services provided by Sonia Cunha-Goldner. Sonia is commissioned by the State of Florida as a Notary Public and a Remote Online Notary. She is also an experienced translator from English to Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa.

Visit her website to learn about all of the services she provides.



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